We have a set registration fee, plus activity costs like camping fees and special excursions. We offer discounts for people that join as regular adult volunteers and committee positions.

We try to keep scouts as affordable as possible - we use volunteers, grants, donations and thrift to deliver an adventurous program at a fraction of the cost of commercial camp and outdoor-ed operators.

What are the costs of scouting?

The costs of Scouting varies between the Groups and depends on the activities that you do. If your Scout journey takes you skiing, flying and travelling overseas, then you’ll probably pay a bit more than Scouts who focus on camping, hiking and theatre productions closer to home.

You’ll generally pay an annual State fee which covers insurance and goes towards Scouts Victoria running costs. Plus there’ll be a group cost which is calculated and managed by your Group. Sometimes the group cost is a weekly ‘subs’ charge and sometimes it’s an annual fee.

Event charges come up from time to time as well. These cover things like food and petrol as well as a range of other expenses, depending on the activity.

In cases of financial hardship, we can often work out a way to have the fees subsidised. Scouts Victoria also offers grants and scholarships for some of the major activities.